2008 27/08

Am I ready for this?

In the past few weeks Abbi has gone from being a toddler to a little girl. I no longer have a toddler and it makes me sad. How weird is that? Don’t get me wrong, I love watching Abbi grow-up and love it that we can hang out together and she can be somewhat independent these days. It certainly makes having a second baby in the house a little easier. But I don’t think I was quite prepared to have this transition happen so quickly.

With in a matter of a few short weeks, she has abandoned the awkwardness and neediness that surrounded her toddler existence. She had made leaps forward in potty training, would gladly get rid of her booster chair (if I’d let her), and has decided she can (and will) do everything by herself.

The latest step, and seemingly hardest for me, was the transition into her big girl bed. We spent last week picking out all the blankets (I let her pick everything out by herself) and then put everything together for her last night. She was bursting with excitement to sleep in her big girl bed last night. And she did great. She laid down in her new bed at bedtime and we never heard another peep out of her. No bouncing around, no talking or singing, no sneaking out to get toys or books or to find us. Probably helps that she didn’t nap yesterday so she was pretty tired when she went to bed. I’m fully expecting that it will not be this easy every night and certainly not at nap time.

: : :

Ok, I had to take a short break from writing this because Abbi wanted me to come cuddle with her in her bed. We laid there and she said, “This is so great mom!” I couldn’t agree more! As sad as I am that my toddler is gone, I’m so excited about this little girl that has appeared.

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