2008 21/08

Birth has made me lucky

No, this is not a sappy post about how lucky I am to have my girls. Don’t get me wrong, I love my girls. This is just about something entirely different — The Blog Giveaways!

I’ve never really been one to actually win things. I’ve never won a 50/50 raffle or the Cake Walk at the church picnics. I’ve never hit it big at Vegas or even matched more than one number on a lotto ticket. Then I started reading these blogs that would periodically do contests and giveaways. Since I’m already reading the blog, I figured I’d go ahead and enter. Doesn’t cost me anything and usually just requires me checking out a third-party site and leaving a comment on the original blog. Simple.

After entering these contests for a while I started to win things. Actual things. The latest is this fabulous bracelet (the one pictured below) from Lolapop via MomDot. I love it. I am not one to go out and buy jewelry for myself so it is even better that I won this. Go check out their stuff. They make some very cute jewelry. I’m really hoping that some of the bracelets in their Princess Collection become available soon because I have a certain toddler who luuuuvvvss princesses these days. And go check out MomDot. They have lots of giveaways and some pretty great stuff!

Oh, one last thing….keep checking back here because I’m getting ready to do my first Blog Giveaway!!


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