2008 09/08


Last weekend (yes, I’m just now getting around to posting about last weekend) we headed up north to the Hometown for the annual Festival. Unfortunately we were not able to leave here until Saturday, due to work obligations for the husband, so our weekend was cut a little short. What is usually a 4.5 hour trip ended up being a 7 hour trip on the way up and 6 hours on the way home. That is a long time in the car for a weekend trip. Good thing I love my extended family. Good thing my husband loves me.

The increased travel time was due to, of course, pulling the camper, stopping multiple times for gas, and stopping for food/potty breaks. It is amazing how different it is traveling with kids now. Things always take longer. It also took us longer to get up there than it did for us to get home because we ran out of gas on the way there. Note to self, when pulling the camper, the low fuel warning light no longer means “you should think about getting gas within the next hour or so.” It now means “you freaking idiot, stop and get gas now or you will be stranded on the side of the highway with two kids in 90 degree weather, hoping some freakshow guy (although nice) on his way to a Kid Rock concert stops and helps you out.” Lesson learned.

Despite the long travel time and the inability for the girls to nap at the same time in the car, our trip was pretty fun. We set up our camper in my gram’s backyard next to my parents’ and uncles’ campers. We went to the parade where Abbi made bank in candy (thanks to Papa) and other parade goodies, took the girls to the carnival, ate ice cream, and watched the fireworks. We opted out of the beer tent this year because our time was so limited there. Maybe next year we can get up there earlier in the week and I will treat the husband to a wild night at the Beer Tent and Greakas.

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