2008 23/08

My night

The husband is pretty much gone all weekend. He went golfing today, then has his Fantasy Football draft tonight, will be golfing again tomorrow, and then is helping a friend with some recording tomorrow night. But enough about him….

Since the husband is not here tonight I treated myself to pizza. Not just any pizza though. This is Vitale’s pizza (mmmm) with bacon and pineapple. Just for me! Usually I get Chinese food when he is gone but I thought I would change it up a bit. And it is delicious! It is especially delicious after a long week. Abbi has decided to pretty much not nap this week, which is fine if she wasn’t a pain in the ass in the evenings. She gets so tired in the evenings that she becomes sassy, talks back, and is disrespectful. So today I tried getting her to take a nap after many failed attempts and what does she do? She climbed out of her crib and fell, hard. Oh did it scare her! Hope it scared her enough to keep her from trying it again. At least until I figure out how a twin bed is going to fit in her room with the crib (for Zoe) and the changing table/dresser. I’m not sure if I’m dreading or looking forward to this transition.

In the world of Zoe….oh where do I begin? She’s kind of been a pain in the ass this week (and last week), too. Her naps are going well, for the most part, but her bedtime routine has something to be desired. She, without fail, will do this whole “talking” thing at about 8:30 each night, even if she is already sleeping. Sometimes it wakes her up or keeps her awake, other times she just does it in her sleep. Lasts about 10 minutes. EVERY NIGHT! What? Then she decides she needs to wake up at 2 or 3am to eat again, goes back to sleep, and is up for good between 6 and 7am. It isn’t horrible but I’m thinking she should probably be sleeping through the night now. Tim is definitely thinking she should be sleeping through the night and is less than impressed with her continuity. Yes, I should probably let her fuss it out to break her of the habit, but the catch is that Abbi is sleeping directly on the other side of the wall where Zoe is (loudly) fussing it out. My fear is that she will wake Abbi up and then I’m stuck with two kids who are now awake at 3am. The other option is to put Zoe down in the basement but then I need to move the rocking chair, pack-n-play, diapers, burp clothes, etc. down there. Oh, and I would have to sleep down there as well, or sleep with the stupid monitor at the side of my bed. Hmmmm….not sure what the solution is here.

On a happy note, Abbi is doing great with the potty training. We have a “potty chart” on the fridge where she gets to put stickers in squares each time she uses the potty. She loves it! She’s filled one chart this past week and got to pick out a new book today. We’ll milk this method as long as it works. And Zoe has perfected rolling over from her back to her belly and has even started scooting a bit. Sadly I think she is getting ready to push through some teeth.

So, after a long week of the girls driving me crazy and having no motivation to work or finish my laundry, I DESERVE this pizza! I just wish I hadn’t given up drinking soda because I would love love love an ice cold Coke right now!

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