2008 28/08

Problems with ‘comments’

I’ve heard from a few people that they are having problems trying to post a comment on here. I believe the problem is the URL that you are using. I know there are a few people out there who have had my site bookmarked for some time and, if this is you, you have bookmarked my old URL. A few months ago I changed my domain to http://www.satcygirl.com and that address forwards on to my blog. Yes, the old URL still shows you my current blog but it obviously doesn’t let you do the comments. I’m guessing that, when all this .Mac to Mobileme stuff happened, that they switched some stuff around.

Anyhow, if you had bookmarked more than a few months ago or are still going to my old URL, please update it and go to http://www.satcygirl.com now. That should fix any problems you have with commenting!

On a side note and a much more fun side note…..check back tomorrow (Friday) for my first Blog Giveaway!

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