2008 09/08

What are you worth

Tonight we went to dinner at the china buffet place down the road with the in-laws. I’ve done the take-out buffet from this place multiple times and it’s always been good. They recently went under new ownership though. After eating there tonight, and being really disappointed in the food, I began to think, what if, when eating out, we only paid what we thought the food was worth? Some artists, like Radiohead, are doing this with their music. They let you download their album for free, check it out, and then you can go back and pay what you think it is worth to you. If you thought the music was terrible, then don’t pay anything or pay very little. If you thought the album was great, then show the artist some love in monetary terms.

Why wouldn’t this work for restaurants? If you get some very cold and nasty fries at McDonalds, don’t pay for them. If the steak you just had was plate-licking delicious, then pay the $15 or $20 you normally would have. Maybe this wouldn’t work because there are way too many cheap people out there. But it sure would be interesting to test it.

My $7 buffet tonight would have only gotten $2, maybe $3, out of me.

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