2008 30/09

At the risk of jinxing it

There is a chance that we may have sold/rented our condo. I say a chance because, after dealing with two other properties that we have tried to sell or rent, I know things can always fall through at the last minute. And yes, I’m well aware that I tend to be a bit pessimistic. I […]

2008 29/09

Where did she get that

Abbi is the queen of mimicking. If you cough, she will cough. If you whistle, she will (try to) whistle. This has been going on for quite some time so we are very aware of the words and phrases we say around her. Or at least I thought we were. We do not curse around […]

2008 22/09


Me: “Oh, Zoe. You are STINKY!” Abbi: “Is Zoe poopy mom?” Me: “Yes, and she is STINKY!” Abbi: “She’s not stinky, she’s just poopy. You can do it mom! You’re good at changing diapers.”

2008 15/09


I never journaled growing up. I did write poetry and have kept some of those old poems but I really wish I had kept a journal all those years. Sure, I had a diary that has long since been destroyed but I have nothing to look back through to see where I was and how […]

2008 14/09

Dandelions in the wind – Giveaway

Ok, so this isn’t my giveaway but it so great that I need to tell you about it. Jodimichelle.com is giving away a 40 inch wall decal from Lewasdesigns. The giveaway ends tonight at 11pm EST, so head over there and enter! Tell her satcy Girl sent you and I get another entry! As much […]

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