2008 30/09

At the risk of jinxing it

There is a chance that we may have sold/rented our condo. I say a chance because, after dealing with two other properties that we have tried to sell or rent, I know things can always fall through at the last minute. And yes, I’m well aware that I tend to be a bit pessimistic. I like to say ‘realistic’ though.

Anyhow, this couple is very excited about our condo and are hoping to have everything squared away and moved in by November 1. That means we would need to be moved out by November 1. That’s a month away people! One Month. One month to get our rental house ready for us to move into (good thing that became available, hey?). Four weeks to pack everything we own and figure out what stuff needs to move with us, what stuff needs to go into storage (smaller house), and what stuff needs to just disappear. Thirty days to come to grips with all of this.

The actual packing part doesn’t worry me at all. I’m a pretty organized person and have had lots of practice moving from my college days. Plus, we’ve had lots of friends and family offer to help where and when needed. And we’re only moving 15 minutes down the road so I can literally just throw stuff in the back of my van or Tim’s truck. We’re also planning on getting a bigger storage unit (or just a second one) to store a lot of the stuff we will not need for a while. We have a whole basement full of furniture and baby clothes. Since the rental house is just a temporary solution (until that one sells or rents) we decided not to move all that unneeded stuff out there. We’ll just keep it in storage until we’re settled in a more permanent location.

With packing and the act of moving out of my worries, I find myself more worried and consumed by the emotional side of things. This is the first house that Tim and I purchased together. This has been our home for 6.5 years. As excited as I am to start a new chapter in our life, I really do love our condo. If I could transport our condo to a different plot of land, one where we could put up an outbuilding and a play area, I would do it in a heart beat.

This is the only home that the girls know. I’m worried about how Abbi will transition. She’s going to be three in a few months and we’re uprooting her from her home. I could totally be making more out of this than need be but I am worried. She loves riding her bike around our little neighborhood and she loves Miss Deb and Miss Stephanie (two of our neighbors). I think she will miss them a lot. As will I. So, any advice on making this transition easy for a toddler (and a mommy)? I’m open to any info you may have from the internet, books or your own personal experiences!

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