2008 02/09

The iPhone — Streamlining my life & saving the Earth

Yes, we were one of those people who stood in line in the wee hours of the morning to get our hands on the iPhone 3G. And it was worth every minute (of standing in line and loss of sleep). Actually we didn’t have to stand in line long, we got the phones we wanted, and it activated right away. So our experience was much more positive than most.

I understand that, yes, there are phones out there that can connect to the internet or take pictures or do text messaging, but for this mommy, the iPhone is the only way to go. And I love it…except for the small fact that I hardly get reception in my house, which is more AT&T’s problem than Apple’s. I think where the iPhone rises above the rest of the phones out there is when it comes to the App Store. Of course there are games on there, and some pretty cool games, but there are actual applications on there that have taken so many aspects of my life and placed them at the push of a button.

There are the obvious ones: being able to check my email while waiting in line at the store, taking pictures of Abbi and posting them directly to Twitter, playing Sudoku while waiting a half hour to see my chiropractor, keeping up to date on all those blogs on long car rides, and sending out invoices while waiting in line at the bank. Those are all great features but I’m more excited about the latest two apps that I downloaded — Evernote and Grocery Gadget by Flixoft.

Evernote is just a great app compile all of my ‘to do’ lists. I’m a list maker. It really is the only way I actually make it through the day and get anything done. So Evernote allows me to go on line or on my phone to create lists and check things off those lists. The best part is that I can access my lists via the web (so it doesn’t matter what computer I’m using) or I can access them on my phone. This has helped to cut down on the number of lists and notes that I have lying around the house, in my car and in my purse. On any given day I have 4 or 5 lists going and tend to misplace them. Now all my lists are in one location and I’m not wasting paper!

Grocery Gadget is along the same lines as Evernote except that it is specific to shopping. Using this app I am able to create shopping lists that are broken down into different categories. I actually created my own categories specific to the different stores where I shop. And I don’t have to type out each item because it offers a list of products to choose from. The best part — As I check things off my lists, it keeps track of the order in which I check them off. Then, the next time I create a list, it will automatically sort my list based on how those items were checked off the previous times. No more running back and forth through the store. So, this lovely little app will, again, save paper because I won’t have all those grocery lists (which also keeps my house, car and purse a little neater) and it will save me time as I go through the grocery store.

So these two apps definitely get two thumbs up from this busy mom! Are you an iPhone user? Do you have any great apps that I need to check out?

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