2008 03/09

Thirty by Thirty

I’ve avoided writing about my post-pregnancy weight loss on here because, well, it is just a depressing and frustrating topic. I know there are quite a few women out there who can feel my pain (and then there are those who lost that pregnancy weight the day after the baby popped out — oozing with jealousy). I’ve tried not to become obsessed with it but it is getting harder and harder when I am so uncomfortable being this size. So, I’m becoming a little more focused while still avoiding obsession.

The difficult part about trying to lose the weight is finding time to exercise. With two girls in the house and trying to still work on websites, my free time seems to be non-existent. When Zoe is down for her morning nap I try to focus on Abbi and when both girls are down for their afternoon naps I try to get caught up on email and work. When I finally get the girls down for bed all I want to do is curl up and watch TV with the hubby. I don’t see how I can give-up any of those things. My only other thought is to squeeze in some exercise right away in the morning either before Abbi’s breakfast and Zoe’s nap or right in between those two. We’ll see how that goes.

Ok, now that I’ve set the time to exercise, I need to figure out what exercise program to follow. I have a free membership at a gym but I don’t have a time slot long enough to pack up both girls, drive across town, get a good exercise in, and then get back home. So, I’m taking All & Sundry’s recommendation and trying Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. The DVD should be coming tomorrow so I’m going to try it out on Friday, that way I have the rest of the weekend to recover. I’m fully prepared that this will kick my butt and, in doing so, I hope it helps me lose the weight and tone up.

Oh, so the Thirty by Thirty thing? That is my goal. Lose 30 pounds by my 30th birthday. I set this goal last month and I’ve already dropped a few pounds by changing eating habits but those are the easy pounds. Please Jillian, kick my butt into shape. I promise not to cry. Ok, chances are I will cry.

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