2008 09/09

Two girls, One room

Our condo has been great for us. It fits all of our stuff and us very comfortably. Or should I say that it used to fit us comfortably. I’m starting to feel the crunch, especially now that we have two girls. See, we only have two bedrooms on the main floor and then another one in the basement. Since Zoe was born she has been sleeping in the pack-n-play in our room because Abbi was still in the crib in her room. Now Abbi is out of her crib and in a regular bed so Zoe should be ready to move into the crib in the room with Abbi and we would have our bedroom back! Oh, if only that were the case.

Problem 1: And this is probably the biggest problem. Zoe is still not sleeping through the night. Grrr. We can’t really put her in the room with Abbi when she’s waking up at 1am and 5am because I really don’t want her waking Abbi up. Our logical solution to this is to just start letting her fuss at night and hopefully go back to sleep without us having to get up and feed her. The problem with that is that our bedroom and Abbi’s room are right next to each other and, therefore, Zoe’s late night fussing will possibly wake Abbi up. The possible solution to that is putting Zoe downstairs in the extra bedroom. First though we need to put window coverings in that bedroom and move the pack-n-play, rocker, diapers, burp cloths, and some of her clothes down there, too. Yes, we could just move Abbi downstairs but, since she’s no longer confined to a crib, I really don’t want to worry about her deciding not to sleep and wandering around the basement.

Problem 2: So, once we have Zoe sleeping through the night, then we need to deal with Abbi. Yes, she sleeps through the night, that is not the problem. The problem lies in naptime. Abbi is still taking an afternoon nap or at least she is supposed to take an afternoon nap. There are some days she takes a wonderful nap and then there are others where she fidgets around on her bed, talking and singing. Zoe and Abbi usually (on a good day) take their afternoon naps at about the same time. How will Zoe be able to sleep when Abbi is in there doing yet another rendition of Veggie Tales? I have no solution for this one.

The reality is that Zoe cannot stay in our bedroom forever. But I have no idea how to make this two girls in one bedroom thing work. Oh wait, we could finish our basement, sell our condo, and more to a house with more bedrooms or at least a more conducive layout. Thankfully my husband is working on that one. Until then, what do I do? I know there are tons of parents who have gone through this so, please, suggestions! Please!

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