2008 29/09

Where did she get that

Abbi is the queen of mimicking. If you cough, she will cough. If you whistle, she will (try to) whistle. This has been going on for quite some time so we are very aware of the words and phrases we say around her. Or at least I thought we were. We do not curse around her and we do not use phrases that we do not want our two year old to use. Yes, it can be cute when a two year old says “oh shit” but it is only cute once and it is certainly not cute in the check-out line at the grocery store or at grandma’s dinner table or during prayer time at church. Since, that is when it would certainly happen, it is better just not to tempt fate.

So, that all being said, I thought we were in the clear, then I noticed things that Abbi was saying. Where on earth was she coming up with these things? Must be those crazy cartoons she watches. Must be, because I certainly don’t say that or sound like that. In case you didn’t notice, that was me trying to convince myself. Of course there are the occasional times where she decides she’s the disciplinarian and gets a little too bossy for her own good. And she is quickly put into time-out for such behavior. But what I’m talking about here is the everyday stuff that you really don’t realize that you say. For instance:

Abbi: “Mom, do you want to play with me or no?” “Mom, do you want to color or no?” “Mom, is it snack time or yes?”
— I never realized how much we say “or no” until we started hearing Abbi say it ALL THE FREAKING TIME! And I say we because, although Tim will deny saying it, we both say it more than we every noticed.

Abbi: (while we’re in the care) “Come on lady, get out of the way.” “Hey lady, get off the phone. Mom, that lady is talking on the phone in her car.”
— Apparently we are raising a little road rage baby. I would like to blame this all on daddy, but I am to blame for a small part of this as well.

Abbi: “Oh Zoe, give it a rest! Mom, I think Zoe needs a bottle and a nap.”
— Yeah, guilty. With a teething child who has found it her goal in life to fuss with every waking moment, the toddler is bound to hear some stuff that I’m not so proud of.

Do you have things that you’re child has picked up from you that you’re not so proud of? Come on, be honest. Has your child started to say stuff and you’re not sure where they got it from? Or no?

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