2008 31/10

Feeling settled

Like most people in their early twenties, I moved a lot during my college years. Each school year I lived in a new place. Each summer between school years, I lived in a new place. After college I moved into my little one bedroom apartment by myself and loved it (let’s be honest, after four […]

2008 29/10

The Move

Well, hello there dear internet. I’ve missed you! Things have been crazy in my world with packing, sorting, cleaning, painting, moving, cleaning, unpacking, sorting, cleaning, and organizing. But I believe I have a handle on things now. Did that sound convincing? I keep trying to convince myself. The move itself went really well, all thanks […]

2008 15/10

Staying Little

Earlier this week we had to go pick up some boxes so I could continue the insanity of packing and moving. FYI people, we have to be out of condo on the 25th. Yes, that would be the 25th of this month. The people who are buying our condo need to move in on the […]

2008 09/10

6 Months

Zoe turned 6 months earlier this week. Can you believe it? SIX MONTHS! And Abbi will be turning three years old in less than two months. My girls are growing up. *sigh* Zoe is becoming a very active six month old that is for sure. She’s rolling around (although she tends to only want to […]

2008 08/10

Wordless Wednesday – Apples

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