2008 07/10

30 x 30 Update = Frustrating

Ok, if we’re going to be honest here, I have not been 100% to the 30 Day Shred. I decided to take weekends off right from the start. I’m not sure why. Maybe because I didn’t want my husband to see me gasping for breath as Jillian yells at me to keep going. I think that was my first mistake. If I’m going to commit to this I should fully commit to this. But weekends are not my only problem. I’ve also taken other days off to do some packing and work stuff. So that is my first hurdle to overcome. I need to do this or some sort of workout every day. The funny thing is that Abbi asks me every day if we’re going to exercise. I guess I have my own little accountability partner!

Of course sticking to the exercise plan isn’t the only problem. Hello? Can we say diet? Or lack there of I guess. No, I’m not jumping on one of those fad diets. I just want to regulate what I’m eating and when I’m eating. I have gotten into the habit, since having kids, of eating when they eat and quickly scarfing down something fast and easy. Fast and easy usually doesn’t equal healthy. And I’m not always hungry when the girls are hungry. So, my plan is to try to eat smaller, healthier meals only when I’m hungry.

So, I guess when it comes down to it, I’m just frustrated with myself. I’m frustrated that I have not fully committed myself to the 30 by 30. I’m frustrated that I let myself eat crappy food. I’m frustrated that the number on the scale stays the same day after day. I think I would feel more motivated, or at least encouraged, if that scale would just drop down to the next level. Come on body. Come on scale. Let’s work together! Let’s see if we can make it down to that next weight level before the wedding coming up where I need to shove myself into a dress and hopefully not look like I’m still pregnant.

If you’ve gone through a weight loss program or are currently trying to lose weight/get into shape, what has worked or not worked for you? Diet? Exercise program? Jenny Craig? Weight Watchers? Did you use one of those weight loss pills?

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