2008 08/10


In preparation for the smaller house and smaller closets, I am going through all of our belongings and figuring out what needs to move with us, what needs to be put in storage, and what just needs to get thrown out or donated. Today’s Mission: My Closet.

The purpose for cleaning out my closet today was two fold — downsizing (obviously) and trying to find stuff to wear for the wedding and rehearsal dinner next weekend. I made a pile of clothes that either didn’t fit anymore or that I just don’t wear anymore. That pile is making it’s way to the donation center today. Another pile, a rather large pile, was packed up into a box that will be placed in storage for now. This pile consisted of seasonal clothes and clothes that don’t fit me right now but I’m holding on to a realistic hope that someday soon they might. Yes, I probably should just get rid of those clothes that don’t fit but I’m hoping it will be a little motivation for me to keep losing weight. I have some really cute pants, jeans, and dresses that I would love to wear again.

The remaining clothes we will need to figure out a way to squeeze into our closet. We currently do not own a dresser so that may be a purchase that moves up on the priority list. We’ve already cleaned Tim’s part of the closet out (a few months ago) and I don’t think there is much more that he can or wants to get rid of. So, it’s going to be a tight fit for a while. We’ll just have to be creative with our closets for a while.

Next up — The bathroom cabinets!

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