2008 15/10

Staying Little

Earlier this week we had to go pick up some boxes so I could continue the insanity of packing and moving. FYI people, we have to be out of condo on the 25th. Yes, that would be the 25th of this month. The people who are buying our condo need to move in on the 26th. Oh, and we’re out of town all of this weekend for a wedding. Do you understand when I say insanity? IN-SAN-I-TY!

I digress. So one afternoon I packed the girls up and headed to the printery to grab stacks of paper boxes. The girls stayed in the car as I loaded them into the back of the van. When I was done and getting ready to leave the printery, this was the conversation Abbi and I had:

Abbi: “Mom, see that building over there?”
Me: “This one?”
Abbi: “No, the one over there.” (pointing to another commercial building next door)
Me: “Yup, what about it.”
Abbi: “That’s where I’m going to live.”
Me: “Really?”
Abbi: “When I get bigger. That is where I’m going to live.”
Me: “Um, ok honey.”
Abbi: “But not right now, mom. I’m going to stay little for right now.”
Me: “Well that’s good sweetie. Mommy likes it when you’re little.”
Abbi: “Why?”
Me: “Well, I’ll love you when you’re bigger but you’ll be bigger for a long time.”
Abbi: “Bigger like you mom?”
Me: “Yes, bigger like me. So I just want to enjoy the time we have while you’re little. Make sense?”
Abbi: “Ok. Can I have a snack?”

Abbi is very facinated with age/size differences. She likes to tell me about all the stuff she got to do as a baby when she was little like Zoe. And she likes to tell me about all the stuff she can do when she’s big like me and daddy. But I think she’s pretty content with being the “size” she is right now. She truly gets the best of both worlds. I love the “size” she’s at right now and am in no rush to move her along to being bigger. And living in some commercial building.

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