2008 29/10

The Move

Well, hello there dear internet. I’ve missed you! Things have been crazy in my world with packing, sorting, cleaning, painting, moving, cleaning, unpacking, sorting, cleaning, and organizing. But I believe I have a handle on things now. Did that sound convincing? I keep trying to convince myself.

The move itself went really well, all thanks to the help from our friends and family. “Thanks” seems so small when I think about how much each of them did for us.

Friends – our dear friends Scott and Duane helped Tim move a ton of our stuff to the storage unit one night after work with the aid of Tara’s dad’s trailer and I could not have gotten all our things packed so nicely without all of the boxes that Jodi got for me. Seriously, I had more paper boxes than I knew what to do with and then some!

Family – Our family really stepped up to the plate for us. Tim’s parents helped us with some of the packing, moving, and his mom took the girls for me all day Saturday during the move and unpacking. It was such a huge relief to know that the girls were out having fun instead of here in the middle of boxes and furniture.

Tim’s brother, sister, and brother-in-law also sacrificed their Saturday morning to help us move. And Tim’s sister, what an amazing help she was! Not only did she help pack and move things on Saturday, but she also cleaned the condo after it was empty and finished painting the basement closet. I owe her so much for taking those burdens off of me!

My parents graciously hauled their camper over here on Thursday and stuck with us until Sunday afternoon. They pretty much did anything and everything we asked them. They installed our garage door opener (and reinforced the garage at the same time), put on the new mailbox, hung curtains, fixed cabinets, cleaned, moved, and unpacked us. It was just so nice to have them here with me during all of this. I wish I could have convinced them to stay longer but I’m pretty sure they were exhausted by Sunday afternoon and happy to return home.

Honestly, I could not imagine doing all of this without so much great help. So, now we’re moved in and trying to get settled. The trick is going to be letting go our our condo. I need to come to grips with the fact that this house is not our condo. It does not have our huge walk-in closet or bathroom. It does not have our wonderful finished basement and it is not nearly as soundproof. But it does have it’s own positive qualities. I just need to enjoy our time here, for however long that is.

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