2008 06/10

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I have about a thousand things swirling around in my head right now that I would love to blog about, but, alas, they will not make it out of my head any time soon. This whole moving thing has kind of got me going crazy now. Because, now, it has become a reality. We went out to the rental house over the weekend to look at what needs to be done before we move in. For the most part I just needed to schedule the carpet cleaners to come in and I need to find a time to go mow the grass. The rest will just get done after we move in.

The biggest struggle about moving into the rental is the lack of space it offers. This is going to sound very ‘spoiled-brat’ish of me but the closets are SO SMALL! I mean terribly small. I have been very spoiled with our wonderful walk-in closet and now we will be down sizing to a single, small closet for TIm and I to share. This will be a test in our marriage!

We do not have an official move date as of yet but, in preparation, I have been boxing some stuff up and organizing other stuff. On the ‘to-do’ list yet is figuring out the storage unit situation; figuring out what furniture goes to the rental, goes to storage, and needs to be purchased; figuring out the cable and internet stuff (hello, priorities).

Ok, let’s set the ‘need to do this, need to do that’ stuff aside. Let’s talk reality. I’m not thrilled to be moving to the rental. I’m just not. I would rather be moving into our dream house. I’d rather be moving into a bigger house with a big beautiful yard. But this is what we need to do right now. So, I need to remember to keep my complaining in check during this whole process and try to remember that this is merely a stepping stone. Blah, blah, blah……chances are you will hear more complaining in the coming weeks. Sorry! But I will try to keep it to a minimum.

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