2008 26/11

Turkey Day

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day here in the ol’ US and I’m so excited. It is one of my favorite holidays. I love eating and a holiday that offers me as much food as I can possibly eat, sign me up! And let’s not forget about the grazing! I love picking and grazing on all of […]

2008 23/11

Starting the Shopping LIst

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Maybe I should ask first, with the scare in how the economy is doing, are you doing any Christmas shopping? I love Christmas shopping. I love the hustle and bustle of it all. I love wandering around in stores finding those perfect little things for people. I love […]

2008 23/11

Having THE talk

I mentioned to Tim the other day that I was surprised that Abbi has yet to bring up that there is a difference in how mommy and daddy look. You know, the whole “why does daddy have that and me and mommy don’t” conversation. She’s almost three so I would have expected for those comments […]

2008 19/11

Our first viewing

Our house officially went on the market last week. Woo Hoo! We even have a sparkling white realtor sign dangling in our front yard. As if it is calling out to people, “Come, buy this house!” The sign must have worked because we already had someone calling our realtor asking to set-up a viewing. Woo […]

2008 19/11

Being Outsmarted

Abbi is not such a fan of driving around in the car at night. She likes to be able to see her sister and read books so she’s always asking for us to turn the interior lights on. Our response is that we can’t because it makes it too hard to see out the windshield. […]

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