2008 19/11

Being Outsmarted

Abbi is not such a fan of driving around in the car at night. She likes to be able to see her sister and read books so she’s always asking for us to turn the interior lights on. Our response is that we can’t because it makes it too hard to see out the windshield. Of course this explanation means nothing to her and she continues to ask. And ask. And ask. So here is one of our many conversations regarding the car lights.

Abbi: “Dad, may I have the light on please?”

Dad: “No, we can’t turn the lights on because it makes it hard for me to see when I’m driving.”

Abbi: “Please.”

Dad: “No.”

Abbi: “But I neeeeed the light on. Puhleeeeeaaassse!”

Dad: “Abigail, I said no. Don’t ask again. Just sit and look out the windows like Zoe. Do you hear her keep asking to have the lights on?”

Abbi: “Daaaad! Zoe can’t ask for the lights on, she’s just a baby. Babies don’t need the lights on.”

Tim and I just looked at each other and did everything we possibly could not to snort or pee our pants while laughing. She totally had us. Her observation was completely correct. Her argument was valid. What more was there to say?

Dad: “Just watch the lights outside.”

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