2008 13/11

Bouncing Back

Yesterday Abbi had zero appetite. The only things she ate all day was one pancake (because I made her), a cookie, and a few bites of her sandwich. Normally I wouldn’t be worried if she didn’t want to eat her lunch or dinner but the kid was not interested in snacks either. My kid? Not interested in snacks? Then, she wanted to take her nap. Yes, I said wanted. And she fell asleep right away, with no objections. Something was wrong.

I was telling Tara about Abbi’s strange behavior and she told me that it sounded a lot like how her son was acting right before he came down with the plague. The very same plague that has caused so many of our friends to be sick. The very same plague that shut down the college that never shuts down. This cannot be good.

Last night she was up at 1:15am because she needed a tissue. 1:30am she needed another tissue and wanted her bedtime music on. 4:15am she was awake again because she was all congested and came into bed with us. 5am I took her back to her bed and laid down with her. 6:30am we moved out to the couch to watch cartoons. Mind you, there was no, or very little, sleep happening for either Abbi or me from 4:30am on.

At 8am she puked up the glass of water she had drank minutes earlier. So glad I was prepared and had a bucket by the couch. She was so cute laying there all snuggly on the couch. I totally didn’t mind holding the bucket for her. It’s not often that Abbi just relaxes on the couch. I was actually looking forward to spending the day vegging with her on the couch, snuggled under blankets, watching cartoons, napping.

8:30am and she was ready for breakfast, on her own accord. I gave her some cereal with milk and she poked around at it. About 5 minutes later she was gobbling it up and asking for more. Another little bowl later and she was asking for even more. After her third small bowl I told her we needed to let that settle before we had anything else. Since then she has been begging for graham crackers. I gave her a few crackers and she still wants more. I’m guessing her appetite is back.

And since breakfast she has been running around dancing. I do believe she has bounced back. In those regards she is a lot like me. It takes a lot to get me sick and I tend to bounce back pretty quickly. I’m very glad she got over it quickly because I would hate to have her sick but, after my 4:30am wake up call, I really would have enjoyed a relaxing day on the couch.

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