2008 23/11

Having THE talk

I mentioned to Tim the other day that I was surprised that Abbi has yet to bring up that there is a difference in how mommy and daddy look. You know, the whole “why does daddy have that and me and mommy don’t” conversation. She’s almost three so I would have expected for those comments to come up. Of course, I spoke too soon.

The other day I was in the bathroom going potty. Abbi walked into the bathroom and this was our conversation:

Abbi: “Mom, what are you doing?”

Me: “I’m going potty.”

Abbi: “I have to go potty too. Are you going poop or pee?”

Me: “Just pee.” (is this too much detail for you yet?)

Abbi: “Me too.”

Abbi: “Do you sit down to go potty mom or do you stand up like daddy?”

Me: “I sit down just like you.”

Abbi: “Oh. Daddy has to stand up because he has a big long tail. That’s what daddy does.”

Me: “What?”

Abbi: “Daddy has a big long tail so he stands up to go potty and you and me sit on the potty. Can I have a snack now?”

And just like that, before I could talk about it with her any further, she had her pants up and was on her way to the kitchen for a snack. I’m sure we’re going to have a more in-depth conversation about boys and girls here soon but, for now, we’ll just leave it at daddy having a big long tail and mommy and Abbi don’t.

I must say, Tim’s a good sport about letting me write about this stuff. I’m sure if Abbi had said that daddy has a little tiny tail, then he might not be so excited about me sharing!

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