2008 03/11


I’m not sure when exactly we met all of our neighbors when we were living at the condo. It just kind of happened over time. And, even living with so many neighbors so close by, we really only got to know a few of them. Becky was just kind of weird so she was always good for a laugh or story, The Fletchers extended there generosity to us in so many ways, Stephanie was just a sweet girl who Abbi loved (she’s moving soon too), and Miss Deb, we love Miss Deb! She’s the one person who we will desperately try to stay in touch with.

All that to say, it took almost 5+ years before we felt close to some of our neighbors. Fast forward to this house, it took about 5 minutes before we had neighbors in our driveway. Seriously. My parents hadn’t even gotten their camper unhitched and they had the neighbors over here asking questions. We weren’t even moved in yet! That is the difference between city and country living.

From what I can tell, they all seem very nice. They are just elated that our old tenants are gone and we are here. I guess they were concerned about how they were treating our house after we spent so much time fixing it up. It’s nice to know that they are looking after our house and each other. Concerns me a little though as I’m walking through my house at 5:30am in my undies to get Zoe a bottle. Hmmmm.

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