2008 19/11

Our first viewing

Our house officially went on the market last week. Woo Hoo! We even have a sparkling white realtor sign dangling in our front yard. As if it is calling out to people, “Come, buy this house!” The sign must have worked because we already had someone calling our realtor asking to set-up a viewing. Woo Hoo What?!? A viewing? Already? But I just finished mowing the lawn and have yet to rake. We still have a large pile of branches and another pile of left over half-burned trash (left from the previous tenants) now covered in lawn clippings to get rid of. The breeze way doors still need three or four more coats of blue paint! I still need to finish taping off the dining room. I still need to paint the dining room!

Did I mention the call came in on Friday and the people wanted to come see it Saturday morning? So, not only did we need to do all of the above but we also needed to declutter and clean the house. I’ll spare you any further stressful details. We did manage to get it all done and even made it to bed just shy of midnight Friday night. We even made it out of the house on Saturday just five minutes before the scheduled viewing time. So glad these people didn’t show up early like we do all the time.

The result? Well, we had a nice clean house. We were able to cross a few projects off of the ever growing to-do list. Oh, the people? I guess they liked it. But they have yet to put in an offer. We’re certainly not holding our breath though. It’s the first walk-through and it would be pretty freaking amazing and unbelievable if our first walk-through bought our house.

As of right now we do not have any open houses scheduled so I’m going to just keep plugging away at the to-do list. Last night I painted the bathroom and, as soon as I can go buy the paint, I will be painting the hallway that I already have taped off. Then I’ll be painting the kitchen, the living room, the bedrooms, and all of the trim. Tim’s also going to put in a whole new set of stairs going down to the basement. I think that should keep us busy until at least Christmas!

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