2008 31/12

My 2008 Loot

So this is probably my last post for 2008. Sad in a way but so excited to get 2009 started. It is going to be a great year. Do you hear me 2009? YOU ARE GOING TO BE A GREAT YEAR!! Anyhow, I thought it would only be appropriate to close out this year by […]

2008 31/12

A look back at 2008

I’m anticipating having a very exciting and busy night tonight with New Year’s Eve and all. You know, feed the kids dinner, bathe them, put them to bed, figure out what the hubs and I will eat for dinner, maybe watch a movie with the hubs, and then struggle to stay awake to watch the […]

2008 31/12

2008 – A year of laughter

2008 30/12

Did Cinderella’s fairy tale end when she had kids?

We’re all familiar with the fairy tale — girl meets boy, they overcome some sort of obstacle (wicked step mother, wicked queen, sleep, etc), they kiss, they marry, they live “happily ever after”. But do they? Those three words always come after the big kiss or after the couple say “I do” but what happens […]

2008 29/12

Zoe’s first Christmas

I completely forgot to mention that this was Zoe’s first Christmas in my last post. Geesh! I really am a terrible mom. I am supplying Zoe with so much stuff for when she gets older and starts therapy. Forgetting milestones. Not taking pictures of her. Haven’t started a baby book for her. Middle child syndrome….if […]

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