2008 31/12

A look back at 2008

I’m anticipating having a very exciting and busy night tonight with New Year’s Eve and all. You know, feed the kids dinner, bathe them, put them to bed, figure out what the hubs and I will eat for dinner, maybe watch a movie with the hubs, and then struggle to stay awake to watch the ball drop. The excitement never ends over here! So, in anticipation of my busy night, here is my year in review:

January 2008 — Pregnant, locked Abbi in the car, Tim traveling for his new job, the dreaded 3 hour glucose test

February 2008 — Still pregnant but I found a new OB who would let me do a VBAC!

March 2008 — Joined the twitter world and still pregnant

April 2008 — WOO HOO, no longer pregnant as I finally gave birth to Zoe, getting zero sleep!

May 2008 — Really tired! Tim traveling again, won my first online giveaway

June 2008 — celebrated 6 years with Tim, Abbi and Zoe are becoming best friends

July 2008 — turned 29 (oh, the last of the 20s), took Abbi to the zoo, bought a camper

August 2008 — more online giveaways, hosted my first online giveaway, Abbi is kicking butt in potty training

September 2008 — started my 30×30 journey

October 2008 — Zoe turned 6 months old! sold our condo, moved to the rental, Tim turned 34

November 2008 — settled in to the rental, Zoe’s first Thanksgiving, purchased our first bedroom set

December 2008 — Abbi turns 3, Abbi’s first dentist appointment, Zoe’s first Christmas

Wow, that makes my year seem pretty pathetic. Yes, I gave birth and potty trained my toddler but, really, is that all? I know a good portion of the year I spent sleep deprived. Ok, I’m still sleep deprived since the child has yet to sleep through the night consistently. In all fairness though, it really was a good year. The girls both hit lots of milestones and have given us a lot of great memories.

Still, I’m hoping 2009 is better.

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