2008 20/12

It only took 6.5 years and two kids

Before I got married and was living by myself I slept on a queen size blow-up mattress. It worked fine but then some middle school girls popped it by jumping on it one might at my house. Oh well. Then, when I got married, we were quite low on cash so we used two twin-size mattress side by side on the floor. The best part was that they weren’t “real” mattress, they were foam. They worked ok for that year and then I threatened insisted we look for an alternative solution! Quickly!

We ended up buying a really nice king size pillow top mattress….but still kept it on the floor. Just mattress, no bed or frame. Let’s just say that the mattress was all we could afford at that time. Then we got busy with spending money elsewhere — finishing the basement, taking vacations, buying new tvs. You know, the important stuff in life. Then kids came along and the money spent on us went to money spent on diapers and formula.

Even when I was nine months pregnant and very very large I really didn’t mind rolling off the mattress and onto the floor. The only tough time came after I had my c-section with Abbi and I needed lots of help trying to get out of the bed. It wasn’t until we sold our condo and moved to the rental that I really (REALLY) started pushing hard for an actual bed. There was something about sleeping on a floor where someone else had lived that kind of creeped me out.

My husband finally gave in and we went hunting for a bed. I finally found one and we purchased the bed, dresser, and chest of drawers. Oh, but one small glitch. The furniture store did not have it in stock so they would need to order it. They graciously sold us the floor models of the dresser and chest of drawers, ordered the king size bed, and let us borrow a different frame until ours came in. No more sleeping on the floor!

Well, a month after the bed was supposed to come in we finally got it delivered. After 6.5 years of marriage, two kids and one move, I finally have a bedroom set! I really do love it, although it does make our bedroom seem quite small — not so good when you’re trying to sell the place. Abbi loves the bed because the foot board serves as a little step for her to hop up on the bed. Zoe loves it because she can use the foot board to stand up. I think everyone is pretty much happy!

Merry Christmas to me!

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