2008 31/12

My 2008 Loot

So this is probably my last post for 2008. Sad in a way but so excited to get 2009 started. It is going to be a great year. Do you hear me 2009? YOU ARE GOING TO BE A GREAT YEAR!!

Anyhow, I thought it would only be appropriate to close out this year by giving a little bloggy love to those blogs where I won some great giveaways. Let me first say that there are some really great blogs out there. I have a long list that I try to read daily and enjoy most of them (There are two or three that I’m not sure why I still read them. It’s like driving by a car accident. You can’t help but look. I can’t help but read these train wreck blogs either). I’ll be updating that list on my main blog page in the New Year. I’ll keep updating that list as I find new blogs and remove others. Yes, I’m addicted.

On to my blog winnings. Before that though, please don’t read this as me bragging about my winnings and good fortune. My intentions are to bring a little recognition to those great bloggers out there who host giveaways on their site. It’s not an easy thing to do always so I appreciate your work and generosity!

Cool Mom Picks — I won a very fun new canopy cover for our stroller from Bonnie Bonnet. It’s so fun and makes my stroller a little more festive.

Mom Dot — I was the winner of a beautiful bracelet from Lolapop and a personalized hand-stamped necklace from The Charming Lamb.

An Island Life — Zoe will be enjoying two darling hand made tops that I won from Your Little Sweet Pea. Seriously, they are the cutest little tops!

5 Minutes for Mom — this one made my husband super happy. A $500 gift card to Home Depot!

From Cribs To Car Keys — Abbi received some personalized Christmas music via my win from MyTunez.biz. Abbi of course loved the music with her name in it but then MyTunez went even further and sent me MP3s of a song with Zoe’s name and another with my name. Great company!

JodiMichelle — My dear friend Jodi opened up her heart and coupon holder as she hosted a slew of giveaways on her site (jodimichelle.com) the week leading up to Christmas. I was fortunate enough to win 2 of her giveaways. I will be enjoying some post holiday shopping at Old Navy and The West Elm! That made my Christmas a bit more sweeter!

I believe that was it. It is a lot if you stop to think about it. I love the gifts I won! So, keep hosting those giveaways people. I love entering them and I love winning them more! I’m also hoping to host a few more myself this coming year. In the mean time, go visit all the sites above and especially check out 5 Minutes for Mom where I will be writing reviews this New Year!

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