2008 23/12


A week or so ago I was notified that I was the winner of a very substantial gift card to Home Depot from the fabulous 5 Minutes for Mom. Needless to say the husband and I were both shocked and very excited. He instantly began dreaming of all the things he we could buy. All I really wanted was to get the paint to finish painting the bedrooms in our house.

Well the gift card came yesterday via FedEx. The shopping could begin. That was until our garage door decided to take a big dive on us. Not literally. This is what happened: The other day, after we received lots of snow and some freezing rain, our garage door was a little frozen to the ground. The garage door opener yanked the door up anyhow and caused the door to bend or sag or something. We’ve had troubles with it closing ever since. And this morning, as Tim was leaving for work, it brought sagging to a whole other level.

To be safe we pulled my van out of the garage and manually shut the garage door. Now my van (and Tim’s truck eventually) are parked outside until we get a new door. My poor van is covered in snow!

So, it looks like we will be spending that gift card on a new garage door. That should be fun for Tim to install in the cold snow! We probably won’t get it until after the holidays as we really don’t have the time to go shopping for one.

Wait, hold the phone! I just did some looking around on HomeDepot.com and they offer installation of their garage doors (for a not so small fee). It might just be worth the extra cost. I guess we’ll see how handy the husband is feeling.

Ok, I’m off to go dig my van out once again. Have I mentioned lately that it has been snowing non-stop here since last Thursday night? Snow. Lots of it!

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