2008 29/12

The Christmas Rewind

Is anyone else in shock that Christmas is over? I feel like it took forever to get here and now it is finished. Honestly though, as bummed as I am that Christmas is over, I’m really looking forward to getting my house back in order and getting back on a more normal schedule. If that is even possible.

Before we are too far removed from the holidays I wanted to share with you what the holidays had in store for us.

Let’s begin the rewind to just over two weeks ago when we celebrated Christmas with Tim’s parents, siblings & their families, and his Aunt Joan. It was a pretty low key afternoon of snacking, opening presents, eating, and some Trivial Pursuit. Both girls got some books (which we always love) and Abbi got her first board game (Chutes and Ladders). Tim and I finally got new chairs for camping — well overdue!

Christmas Eve we went to church for some singing and a reading of the Christmas story. Both girls were a little antsy and fussy because they had not gotten good naps. The complete downfall of the night was when the pastor invited all the kids up front as he read the Christmas story. We go to a pretty large church mind you. Abbi wanted to go up too so away she went. However, when she saw how many other kids were up there, she kind of freaked out and started crying. So away I went to the front of the church to collect my crying child. Oh yeah, fun times.

Christmas Day we opened presents at home which was pretty fun. Abbi was excited about her sled and nail polish from Santa. We loaded Zoe up into the sled and pulled her around the living room. She loved it. After Zoe’s morning nap we packed up and went over to Tim’s sister’s house where we ate and played games. It was a very nice, low key afternoon.

The next day we packed up the van and headed across the state to visit my family. By the time we got to my parent’s house it was time to feed the girls dinner, quickly open presents, and get my non-napping children in bed. But, before I could corral Abbi into bed she had taken 86 pictures on her new camera from Grammy and Papa. And promptly after the girls were in bed, Tim made his way to the garage to check out his new tool chest.

The next morning we played with Abbi’s new Memory board game, Zoe’s new musical 123 ABC bear, and my Wii fit. It was hilarious to watch Abbi dodging soccer balls and hula hooping as she was doing the Wii fit. But don’t read that as meaning that the Wii fit is this fun, easy, child-like game. That sucker is pretty tough!

Later that afternoon we went over to my Uncle Bill’s house for Christmas with my extended family. I think there were just about 30 of us packed into his living and dining rooms. It was loud, it was chaotic, it was my family. We ate (I’m starting to see a pattern here) and then played our gift game — an hour of laughing, plotting, scheming, and gift stealing. Good times.

And now, we’re home. No more parties. No more gifts. No more eating! We actually came home yesterday to sunshine and no snow. So much for that sled that Abbi got from Santa! With the sun shining today I came close to packing up all of the Christmas decorations. However, I opted for playing games with Abbi instead. I’m sure that by this weekend our decorations will be taken down though and put back into storage. Thus putting a definite end to our holiday celebrations.

Oh, and I’m hoping to post pictures from Christmas soon. I need to upload the few that I’ve taken and then beg my mom to share some of hers. Really hoping she got some good ones of the girls, which I’m pretty sure she did!

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