2008 03/12

There goes the college fund

Today was Abbi’s first visit to the dentist. I was a bit nervous about this visit because you never know how it’s going to go when you’re dealing with a 3 year old. Abbi was pretty excited about the whole thing though. We’ve read “Dora goes to the Dentist” a hundred times and we’ve talked about how cool it is when mom goes to the dentist and how the dentist cleans our teeth so they are pretty and white and healthy. So she was excited and I was nervous.

When scheduling the appointment I chose to take her to a pediatric dentist rather than the dentist Tim and I see. Our dentist is nice but I don’t think any of the dentists in that office would be really good with kids and I wanted Abbi’s first visit to be as positive as possible.

Abbi loved the office the minute we opened the door. Toys and colorful chairs filled the waiting room. We were the only ones there so she was not overwhelmed by other kids playing. She played with all the toys while I filled out the necessary paperwork. Then we got called back by the sweetest Dental Assistant ever. Miss Rachel sat Abbi up in the x-ray chair and explained everything she was doing, step-by-step. Abbi cried for a minute before the x-rays because she started to get nervous but Miss Rachel settled her down and Abbi was ready for the pictures of her teeth. She thought it was so cool that this “camera” took pictures of her teeth and she got to see them on the computer.

Then, after a short wait in another little waiting room with lots of books, it was our turn to see the dentist. Abbi laid right down on the chair and thought it was so cool that there were frogs on the wall and an alligator hanging from the ceiling and lights right above her chair. When our dentist came over I was surprised at how young she was, but she was the sweetest, bubbliest dentist ever. Abbi loved her. She showed Abbi the “toothbrush” she was going to use to clean her teeth and even let Abbi touch it. She cleaned each of Abbi’s teeth and talked to her the whole time, telling her how great she was doing. Abbi even let her floss her teeth and check them for cavities.

After a successful time in the chair Abbi got to pick out two prizes to add to her “goody bag” which was already filled with a new toothbrush, floss, stickers, and a magnet. Abbi felt like she was the luckiest girl ever!

All-in-all it was an amazingly awesome visit. Dr. Port praised us for how great Abbi’s oral hygene is and that she had no cavities! Thank goodness because I couldn’t imagine a 3 year old sitting through a filling. The only downfall was when Dr. Port showed me the x-rays of Abbi’s teeth. Abbi’s teeth, right now, are beautiful. They are straight and have no big gaps. Unfortunately this will not be true when her adult teeth come in. The x-ray shows her adult teeth on the right side of her mouth, top and bottom, coming in twisted. This means braces. I was blessed with pretty straight teeth so I never had braces, but Tim did. Our only hope is that Abbi’s teeth will straighten themselves out as they come in, otherwise we will embark on the long and financially painful journey of orthodontics.

So there we have it, another milestone crossed. I really couldn’t be more proud of Abbi today. She was such a big girl. Tim and I were just talking last night about how Abbi seems to have grown up so much these past few weeks. Makes me sad and fills me with joy all at the same time.

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