2008 29/12

Zoe’s first Christmas

I completely forgot to mention that this was Zoe’s first Christmas in my last post. Geesh! I really am a terrible mom. I am supplying Zoe with so much stuff for when she gets older and starts therapy. Forgetting milestones. Not taking pictures of her. Haven’t started a baby book for her. Middle child syndrome….if we decide to have another one. Lots and lots of therapy!

So yes, it was Zoe’s first Christmas. Really, she just kind of rolled with the punches during the holidays. She really could care less about presents as she’s too young to grasp the whole idea of unwrapping them. And she’s just as content to play with her sister’s old toys (or new ones if she can get her hands on them) as she is to play with a new toy of her very own.

She did have a few milestones though during the holidays. She’s been pulling herself up and walking around furniture but she actually stood, unassisted, for a good few seconds without holding on to anything. Yes ladies and gentlemen, we are mere weeks from a walking child. I’m not sure whether I should celebrate that or not. She tends to get into enough trouble just crawling!

Zoe also learned to crawl up the stairs at Grammy and Papa’s house, just like her big sister did. Thankfully we do not have any stairs in our current house so I’m not too worried about needing to put up a baby gate.

All in all, I think she had a pretty good first Christmas. Certainly one she won’t remember. And, just like I knew she would, my mom got her photos from Christmas uploaded. So, here a few shots of our time celebrating with my family (thanks Mom!). Hopefully I’ll get my pictures uploaded some time this week.

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