2009 31/01

30 x 30 Update – Wii Fit Style

It’s been quite a while so I thought I would give an update on my endeavors to lose the preggo weight. I know, it’s not the most exciting thing in the world to read about but, hey, it’s Saturday and I’m still exhausted from the week. Surprisingly enough I actually did not gain weight over […]

2009 27/01

We’re sticking with it, so help me…

Today was Abbi’s first day of gymnastics. I was optimistic when Abbi willingly put on her leotard. Abbi is always saying that things are scratchy. Certain clothes or blankets or cotton balls. Everything is scratchy. No she doesn’t have really sensitive skin, she’s just kind of kooky I guess. The fact that she put her […]

2009 25/01

The slippery slope

I had to laugh a few minutes ago as I was watching the latest Momversation because they were tackling the question: “Are our kids over-scheduled?” The reason for my laughter, I’ve been stressing these last few weeks over whether or not Abbi is getting enough outside interaction. Not outside as in outdoors in the yard […]

2009 21/01

Wordless Wednesday – Frosted

2009 20/01

Is our schedule too rigid?

Ever since Abbi was born our lives have been pretty scheduled. Actually, I’ve always been a pretty scheduled person. I like schedules. I like predictability….with the occasional *surprise* or deviation. Now that we have two kids this is what our daily schedule pretty much looks like: 7am — girls wake up, parents groogishly leave their […]

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