2009 05/01

If I type too much my head will surely explode

I hate being sick. It doesn’t happen all that often but when it does, oh man does it suck! My head has so much pressure in it right now and, when the pressure does release, I’m sneezing like crazy. SUUUUCCCKKKSSS!

Since I’m in the mood to feel sorry for myself why don’t I go ahead and give you some more depressing news. Well, the wonderful house that we found a month or so ago has been sold. We were quite shocked when we got the email because we had thought it was off the market. Here’s the back story — we found this particular house online and decided to drive out to see it. Since it was empty we broke in and gave ourselves the tour. Instantly we fell in love. I loved the layout and decor. The basement was unfinished but huge! It was on 7 acres! And the best part, at least in Tim’s eyes, was the huge out-building on the property. Yes, there were downfalls. The out-building was built illegally so we would need to get the proper permits and sweet talk the township office. No big deal! We were in love.

And now that love has been ripped out of our hands. So dramatic I know. And I know I shouldn’t be so bummed about this. It’s not like were had put in an offer or were getting ready to move. We still have to sell our house before we can even seriously look at another house. But, still, in my day dreams we lived there. It even had a beautiful office off the kitchen and living area with hardwood floors. My office!

So, we’re bummed. We really liked this house. Did I mention that yet? I think the most disheartening part of this whole ordeal is that I just want to sell this house. I just want to be settled in to the house where we will be for years to come. I want a back yard all set-up with a swing-set and fire-pit. I want to move in to that next stage of life. And did I mention that I’m feeling sorry for myself tonight?

Maybe I should go take some more Sudafed.

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