2009 02/01

Talkin’ about a resolution

I’ve never really been one to make New Year’s resolutions. In years past I’ve set goals but, like many people, those goals are forgotten about in a month or two. But then I decided this year, I’m a list maker. With a toddler and baby and working at home, I feel like I’m pulled in a thousand directions. I need those lists to keep me on task. I make lists nearly every day. A list of things that I need to get done that day. A list of things that eventually need to get done around the house (home improvements). I have a little notebook on my counter with pages of lists! So, why not create a list of resolutions?

A few of these resolutions are things that I’ve been working towards for a while now. I guess they are not exactly New Year’s resolutions but more so a To-Do List. So, here is my to-do list for 2009:

Lose 30 pounds before turning 30 (the always looming 30×30) — I have 6 months to get this one done. I’ve been working at it for a while, although I took a serious hiatus when we moved and then the holidays snuck in there. I’m excited to get back into exercising. I just really need to get back into the grove of it. Once it becomes part of my daily routine it is so much easier to keep at it.

Be more patient with my girls. I usually get so tired during the day and overwhelmed that I end up snapping at the girls. And I hate myself for it. I’m not sure what I’m going to do to achieve this goal but I need to figure something out.

Plan more date nights with the husband. Since having Zoe I tend to push date nights aside. Planning a date night takes work when you have two kids. Finding a babysitter, especially one that is willing to come to our house to put the kids to bed, isn’t always easy.

Go skydiving for my 30th birthday!

I think that is good for now. I’m sure I’ll add more as time goes on. But it’s a start and a pretty reasonable list I think. Ask me again in a few months!

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