2009 19/01

The Christmas Cheerio Debacle

I’m not sure how I forgot to mention this in my Christmas review but here it is — The Christmas Cheerio Debacle.

We were hanging out at Tim’s sister’s house. The adults were playing games, Zoe was attempting to nap, and Abbi was watching a video and eating Cheerios. A few minutes later she came over to me and said, “Mom, it’s in my nose.”

“Umm, what’s in your nose dear?”

“The Cheerio mom.”

I had her tilt her head back so I could see the Cheerio that I assumed was at the edge of her nostril. I looked. And looked. And finally I saw the Cheerio lodged far up into her nose. Far enough that I could not get it out. Far enough to cause a small amount of panic in me.

I asked for a pair of tweezers but I knew that there was no way that child was going to sit still or let me stick tweezers up her nose without a fight. Fearing a run to the emergency room on Christmas Day I did the only thing I could think of. I had her start breathing in with her mouth and forcefully breathing out with her nose. We did this about a dozen times and finally the Cheerio came shooting out. HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF!

Just added one more punch on my Mom Punch Card. I’m hoping we don’t have to go through that again. I know we were very lucky because things could have been worse. I remember my sister deciding to swallow a needle when she pretty young. Yeah, not the brightest of her moments. Anyhow, I’ll take a Cheerio up the nose over a needle in the stomach any day!

I’m hoping the whole incident scared her enough to keep her from shoving any other objects up her nose or in her ears or any where else. She certainly wasn’t scared enough to never eat Cheerios again. At the very least it has given us a great “Hey, remember the Christmas when Abbi got a Cheerio stuck up her nose” memory!

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