2009 25/01

The slippery slope

I had to laugh a few minutes ago as I was watching the latest Momversation because they were tackling the question: “Are our kids over-scheduled?” The reason for my laughter, I’ve been stressing these last few weeks over whether or not Abbi is getting enough outside interaction. Not outside as in outdoors in the yard but, more so, is she getting enough interaction with other kids. Should she be in organized play-groups or classes or should she be going to more *story times* at the local book stores?

Abbi is not yet in pre-school and usually opts to sit with us during church instead of going to Sunday School. She is not getting a lot of kid to kid interactions or really time away from us. That worries me a little as we try to prepare her for pre-school. So, we are going to try gymnastics!

My dear Abbi has a lot of energy and she loves doing flips around the house. I’m hoping that gymnastics is a good fit for her. The nice part is that they allow you to go month to month instead of paying for an entire semester or year. That means if she doesn’t like then we can just quit and we’re not losing out on money that was already paid. Huge relief because who knows if she’ll actually like it or not.

As I was doing some looking around for what little girls wear to gymnastics class I came across a few of our local dance studios. Little girls in tutus or tapping across a stage? What could be cuter? Maybe she would want to do dance as well. Or something else.

And that is when I started down the slippery slope of over-scheduling. So I stopped looking at the dance sites. We will try gymnastics. If she likes it, Great! If not, then we’ll take a break and maybe try dance.

I have yet to find out if Abbi is the type of kid who thrives when their life is scheduled and they have stuff to do or if she just likes to have the freedom to do whatever. I am the type of person who likes structure and having things to do. But that doesn’t mean that my kids are. I guess we’ll find out.

Are your kids busy? Are they involved in dance or sports or art or music or all of the above? When did you start putting your kids in these extra activities?

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