2009 15/01

Words a 3 year old should not say

I’ll admit it right now, I’m totally to blame for my daughter saying “Oh my gosh.” I know I used to say it. It was something I really never even thought about it. Then I heard those words come out of my daughter’s mouth (then two years old). It sounded so different. I didn’t like it. So, we put a stop to it. I stopped saying it and we explained to her that it just wasn’t something we wanted her saying. After she got over the “oooo, I’m saying something I’m not supposed to say” part she stopped saying it too. But those three words keep coming up.

First we would hear it on the radio (I won’t hold it against you Dave Ramsey) and then Abbi would repeat it. I would explain to her how we don’t say it even if we do hear others saying it. Then we would hear it on cartoons. Thankfully it was something that was said quickly and in passing so Abbi never really focused on it. Not that it was excusable. Seriously Darby & Dora, can’t you guys say something like “Oh dear!” or “Oh No!”?

Now that Abbi is older (3yrs) she knows it is wrong for her to say “Oh my gosh” and she doesn’t like for others to say it. She recently told our old neighbor, Miss Deb, after hearing her say it that we don’t say that and she should say Oh dear instead. It was cute and a little embarrassing. But I was also very proud that she knew it wasn’t right to say.

I was particularly shocked when Abbi was playing a game online the other day and the character on the game kept saying Oh My Gosh! every time Abbi did the wrong thing. It didn’t even seem to fit. It was so bizarre. After I realized that the character was continuing to say it I told Abbi that we weren’t playing that game anymore. She asked why and I explained. She was ok with it and hasn’t gone back to play that game again. Again, so proud of her.

I know many of you think I’m unreasonable or don’t see the problem with those three words but it is something that just bothers me. Some parents don’t like to hear their kids say Shut Up or Crap (for the record, those are words we don’t use either). It’s a matter of personal preference I guess. I’m just wondering why cartoons choose to use words like that. Why do the Backyardigans (whom we love over here) have to use the word jerk? I’m not trying to shelter my kid. I know she is going to hear lots of things that I don’t want her to hear or say eventually but I’m just curious as to why cartoons & kids programs can’t use more positive words.

Now, I know the TV is not the only guilty party here. I say things all the time that I really don’t want my kids repeating and I really need to put myself in check with this. As cute as it was the first few times, I’m not so sure I want my 3 year old saying to the other drivers on the road “Come on people, let’s move it!” She certainly didn’t get that one from Dora or Diego!

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