2009 28/02

Is it possible to even be anonymous?

I read a lot of blogs. At least it feels like a lot sometimes. I enjoy it. I love feeling connected to these other men and women, some going through situations similar to mine and others so very different. As different as all of those blogs are they pretty much fall into one of two categories — Either the writer/blogger is anonymous or they aren’t. Obviously I fall into the latter.

For the most part I use the real names of my husband and kids. I post pictures. I talk about locations around me. I’ve never really hidden who I was on this blog. But there I times, many times, that I wish I did. 

There are so many things I want to write about and say on here that I can’t. There are things I don’t want certain people finding out about or reading about. The interesting part is that I created this space as a place where I could vent what I was feeling and thinking, as well as give updates on life and the kids. I can’t vent everything here in fear that I may hurt or piss-off people I know. It’s such an interesting spot to be in.

Many days I think about scraping this blog and starting a completely anonymous blog but then I would miss all of my regular readers and friends and family would miss out on the updates I do of my girls. I could do two blogs, this one and an anonymous blog but, let’s be honest, I have a hard enough time keeping this one updated regularly!!

As I struggle with this whole idea of anonymity I think about the information I would share if this blog were anonymous. Would that actually be a good thing? Yes, I would be getting a lot of stuff off my mind but is it right for me to vent about people in my life, about things that I wouldn’t say to that person to their face? That has pretty much been my guide as I write on here. Would I say this to so-and-so’s face? If the answer is no then I figure I better not write it. After all, I wouldn’t want someone writing something about me that they wouldn’t have the nerve to say to my face, although I’m sure it’s been done!

So, I continue to swing back and forth on this topic. There are days I want blogging anonymity and then there are days I realize why I don’t. Maybe this is a way of telling myself that I have things in my life, situations and people, that I need to confront. Ah, the things I come to terms with here on the dear ol‘ blog!

Now it’s your turn. Tell me, do you keep your blog anonymous? Why? Or have you not entered the blogging world because of these very same reasons? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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