2009 27/02

Obvious Wood Deficiency

In less than 6 weeks Zoe will be turning 1. I honestly cannot believe how fast this year has flown by. And it’s almost like she can sense this milestone. Here’s what she has been up to this past month or so:

She’s taking steps all by herself. She’s not quite walking but she’ll take three or four steps before she dives toward you. I think she just enjoys crawling too much to really commit to walking. This girl can totally haul when she’s crawling after or toward something she wants.

Communication — Zoe has started to actually say intelligible words, for the most part. She’ll say “up”, “nigh-nigh” (night-night), and “hi”. I think she tries to say “Abbi” as well but it usually just sounds like “AAAAAEEEEE”. She’s also signing more and waves Hi.

Down a nap — We’re pretty much teetering back and forth between still taking two naps a day and just taking one. I’m actually excited to move her down to just one nap because it will allow us to do more things outside of the house. And this will be great as Spring and Summer approach. However, I know that the transition and process to get to one nap can be a seemingly long and rough process with an over-tired, cranky baby. It’s funny because I remember mourning the day Abbi moved down to just one nap but life is different now.

Food — And now she is also starting to boycott the mushed-up baby food. She would much rather have food that she can pick-up and feed herself. Again, this is nice because I’m tired of buying that really stinky jarred baby food but this does bring in a whole new world of “what in the world do I feed her now?”

What I’ve noticed the most though about Zoe is that this girl is naught. Honestly, she is so obviously mischievous and she loves it. Abbi is a lot like me when I was a kid — when she is good she is amazingly good but when she’s naughty she is beyond naughty. She tends to swing from one side of the spectrum to the other. Zoe, on the other hand, is just naughty. Naughty in a infuriatingly cute way!

For example, both girls have chewed on the railing of the crib. So, I’ve put this railing protector on the crib. It worked. No more chewing! But then I noticed the back of the crib….someone, and when I say someone I mean Zoe, has been chewing on the top part on the back of the crib!! WHAT A RAT!! This is her being naughty. She knows she’s not supposed to do it but she does it. And she’ll do it while you’re standing right there. When you tell her no she just scrunches up her face and laughs. Oh so naughty!!

And the worse part….I have no idea how to protect the back of that crib. Grrrrr! I’m in for a long road and a lot of sleepless nights as these girls enter their teenage years!

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