2009 17/02

Pasty white bodies in swimsuits, mmmm!

Friday afternoon we packed up the girls (and all that goes with them) and headed down to an indoor water park and hotel for the weekend. The two hour drive went really well, at least right up until the GPS told us we had passed the hotel, which we hadn’t, so we turned around to try to find but couldn’t find it because I wasn’t too sure what the name of the place was. Long story but it ended with Tim going in to the wrong hotel, us getting frustrated with each other, and then finally finding the right hotel which happened to be just past the gas station we had originally turned around in. But alas, we finally made it there!

The weekend went surprisingly well, despite a few bumps. First bump, or perhaps a big ol’ pot hole, was when Abbi decided she wasn’t tired Friday night. Scratch that. The girl was beyond tired. And that was the problem. I think she was so over tired (and add in the fact that she was in a strange place and a strange bed) that she couldn’t fall asleep. She just laid in the bed, talking quietly to herself. Finally, at 11:30 or so, I laid down in my bed with her and she fell right asleep. So, Zoe, Abbi, and I all slept in the master bedroom (which was separated from the rest of the hotel room) while Tim slept in the bunk bed. Neither of us (Tim or I) got a very restful nights sleep as I was being kicked and “snuggled with” by a toddler and he was in a bed with a thin mattress where his feet were hanging over. Good times.

Sleeping arrangements aside, the pool area and hotel were pretty cool. Abbi enjoyed the pool once Zoe and I got down to the pools (after Zoe’s naptime) and Zoe loved the pool. Zoe is my little water bug. She was crawling around in the kiddie area even though the water kept splashing her in the face. She even wanted to crawl in the water that was over her head. Abbi is a bit more hesitant but still had fun going down the little slides.

Tim and I had fun too. My worries about being over-weight and glaringly white were put to rest the minute I walked into the water park. Let’s just say that the majority of visitors that weekend were still bearing their winter weight. We also had fun just hanging out with Tim’s cousin and his family whom we met there. They are seriously so much fun. We spent the evenings hanging out in our adjoining rooms, drinking beer and talking. It was so nice to just relax and have some adult conversation for once.

So the most interesting part of the weekend was the area that we were in. It is an Amish community. The Amish are a people group that really fascinate me. Their lives seem so simple and cut off from the technology and such that I so heavily depend on and yet there they sat, enjoying the pizza and soda at the local pizza joint. I’m not sure why but I would really like to learn more about them. Especially the life of an Amish teenager or 20 something. That is the part that intrigues me the most. They obviously see mainstream teens and 20 somethings. I wonder if they long for some of the things from mainstream society or if they feel sorry for them. It’s just intriguing.

Ok, back to the weekend. After it was all said and done I think everyone had a good time. We’ve never really vacationed with another family (other than Tim’s brothers and sister or camping) and we decided we really like. And we really like vacationing with Tim’s cousin. They just seem to be a lot like us. See, vacationing with kids is possible! And it can actually be enjoyable! Go think!

Oh, and before you ask, No, I did not take any pictures. That is one thing I’ve noticed since having two kids. I think about taking pictures but never do. It just seems like more of a hassle now.

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