2009 05/02

The practical side of Valentine’s Day

I’m a pretty practical girl. But I wasn’t always that way. In high school and college I looked forward to my boyfriends getting me candy and flowers for Valentine’s Day. I’ve pretty much moved passed that stage in life. Don’t get me wrong, I still love chocolate! LOVE IT! But I’m just as happy buying some chocolates the day after the holiday when they are 50% off. They taste even better when they are on sale! And I’ve gotten my fair share of flowers. One of my ex-boyfriends would give me flowers for every holiday and every time he screwed up. I got flowers a lot!

So, that being said, I would much rather receive practical gifts these days. Disclaimer here — we don’t do Valentine’s Day in our house or I should say we don’t typically do Valentine’s Day. The husband is not a big fan of it. He doesn’t like to give gifts when it is expected. Understandable.

This year we are actually doing a family weekend away for V-Day. We’re heading down to an indoor water park with Tim’s cousin and his family. But, in the spirit of Cupid and all those hearts and mushy mushy stuff, I thought I would compile my list of practical gifts that I would love and maybe some others would like them too!

• New baking sheets and cake pans! I should post a picture of my current ones. They are shameful. I’ve had them for just about 10 years and they are sad. Sad.
A Tea Press. I’m not a coffee drinker but love tea!
• A single serve coffee maker. I know, I just said I was not a coffee drinker but some mornings I really could use a cup of coffee. Just one. And it would be nice to have when our coffee-drinking family members are over.
• A gift certificate or an appointment to the local car washing place. This is not just any car washing place though. This place hand washes your car inside and out. I want the works though. I want the inside of my van wiped down, windows cleaned, and upholstery/floors scrubbed. I want the signs and destruction of winter and children erased from my van, if only for a little while.
• A massage. Ok, this may not seem practical but trust me when I say it is.
• A pedicure. Ok, ok, this is not practical and I really can’t even try to convince you or myself that it is. But I still want one!

There you have it. My practical wish list. This year is already taken care of but maybe next year or maybe for Mother’s Day!! I’d love to hear what is on your wish list or what you have planned for Valentine’s Day!

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