2009 25/03

30×30 Update – Shrinking Into Summer

It has been a while since I’ve given an update on my weight-loss endeavors. That is probably because I’m seriously struggling. I’ve fallen off of the Wii Fit bandwagon. I usually do the Wii in the evenings after the girls go to bed but the last few weeks I’ve been busy with work in the […]

2009 25/03

Wordless Wednesday – Swingin’

2009 24/03

D-D-D-D-Don’t Dora!

She is a loud talking, overly excited little girl with an abnormally big head. Yes, that would be Dora the Explorer. I know, that seemed kind of harsh, but when you’re subjected to watching her everyday and have a toddler who is determined to wear all things Dora, you begin to hold a grudge against […]

2009 24/03

What do 140 characters say about my character?

Most people I know are on Twitter. Those who aren’t on Twitter either would really never use it or they are trying to be a rebel and protest the Twitter-movement. I joined the Twitter bandwagon a while ago as a way to jott things down, express feelings and thoughts, and to just connect to the […]

2009 21/03

The End of the Company Picnic

It seems like more and more people I meet either work at home or work in the virtual world. No cubicles. No clock to punch. No company break room. Instead, they work from their home office. Clock in to their computer. And the company break room is the dinner table. I am one of those […]

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