2009 08/03

I’ve caved

When we moved to our rental house, Tim’s first instinct was to get a dog. Actually, he’s pretty much been wanting a dog for a year or so now, I think. Now, I do love dogs. I grew up with dogs. Big hunting dogs, which I hated and then a small dog, which I loved.

Even though I do like dogs (more than I like cats), I’ve pretty much been the one who put the hold on the dog idea. And, in all fairness, Tim has been really respectful of my veto. I just couldn’t imagine taking care of a toddler, a baby, and then a puppy. That is a lot of poop to clean-up on a daily basis. And I remember those early puppy days. I remember having a puppy who whined a lot and didn’t like sleeping in his new house. And the accidents. Oh that seems like a lot to deal with on top of my already chaotic life.

And then I caved. Yup, I pretty much gave the green-light on the puppy idea. Yeah, not so sure what I was thinking but it’s a little too late to take it back. Minutes after the green-light appeared Tim was on-line looking at dogs. In all of our ‘dog talks’ we had decided on two different breeds that we liked — the German Short Haired Pointer and the Boxer. I think the Boxer is our final choice.

So now we’re on the hunt. Who knows how long it will take for us to actually find a dog. We want a pure-bread puppy which I’m sure won’t be easy to find. Yes, I know that there are lots of dogs sitting at the Humane Society waiting for a good home but my home has children and I want a puppy that will grow into our family. One who doesn’t come with a history. I love the Humane Society and wish we could adopt a dog from there but it worries me to bring a grown dog into my home with my girls or to even get a mixed puppy who could be a combination of any breed, a breed that isn’t good with kids.

Ok, enough justifying our decision. I’m off to look through the newspaper and Craigs List to see what I can find!

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