2009 24/03

What do 140 characters say about my character?

Most people I know are on Twitter. Those who aren’t on Twitter either would really never use it or they are trying to be a rebel and protest the Twitter-movement. I joined the Twitter bandwagon a while ago as a way to jott things down, express feelings and thoughts, and to just connect to the outside world in between blog posts. Now it has turned into an amazing way for me to connect and network with others.

**If you are still unfamiliar with Twitter, you can see a great explanation at Common Craft. And, if you are on Twitter, you need to see this funny video.

I often wonder what people think when they read my Twitter updates. Most of the time I’m expressing how frustrated I am with my kids. How they won’t nap or how they are driving me beyond crazy. Are they always driving me crazy? No. It just so happens that when they are, I need to vent. And my Twitter status bears the bulk of that venting.

Truth be told, I absolutely adore my girls. I love staying home with them. I love all of the little things we get to share on a random day. It is amazing. But it is also trying. I’m sure if my girls could jump on Twitter they would be tweeting about how I am cranky or won’t let them eat candy for breakfast. I’m sure it won’t be long before Abbi is actually on Twitter. She often tells me that she is “twittering” . She has no idea what it means but she thinks she’s pretty cool when she says it.

So, I guess I need to focus on posting more positive tweets, especially since my updates aren’t only posted on Twitter but directly to Facebook (look for a post about FB coming later this week).

I think Twitter can pretty much suit anyone’s needs. It is an amazing way to quickly connect with friends and family. It serves as a great marketing tool for businesses and bloggers that easily reaches thousands of people. But Twitter-folk beware! Think about what you are writing and who is reading it. It is 140 characters. It is hard to really include contextual details in 140 characters. Therefore, like pretty much all online communication, people can completely take what you say out of context and twist into a way that they want to read it. I’ve had it happen!

I cannot even tell you how many times I’ve had people around me read my Twitter status and then make comments to me or question me on whether or not being a stay-at-home-mom makes me happy. Um, yes, not that it is your business. I had a bad day. I had a bad 10 minutes. Unfortunately, that one tweet in those 10 minutes of frustration completely changes a person view of you. I guess that is the negative side of Twitter, as there is always a negative side to online communication and social networking.

Does this mean that I’m going to stop twittering? No. I really enjoy Twitter. I love the people I’m connected with. Where else could I spout quotes from “The Princess Bride” back and forth with my brother-in-law in Alaska?

Are you on Twitter? Are you on Twitter for a specific reason? Are you conscious of what you are posting on Twitter or do you just tweet anything and everything?

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