2009 30/04

Still here

I’m still here. Still alive. Just trying to recover from the girls and I all having the flu. Yeah, it wasn’t pretty. But I think we’re all pretty much back to being healthy and really, really, REALLY hoping that Tim doesn’t come down with it now! I’ll be back to posting again soon!

2009 24/04


It is Friday. And it is beautiful outside — pushing 70 degrees with rumors that it may even hit the high 70s today! And here I sit, on the couch with my sick kid. Turns out that both of my girls are not feeling too great today. Zoe has diarhea and not much of an […]

2009 19/04

We’re having a boy!

For all of you who just got suckered in by this post title, my apologies! No, I’m not pregnant! We’re getting a puppy!!!! We finally found a breeder that isn’t a 3+ hour drive away from us. I contacted her and she had two males (my husband is feeling a bit out numbered in our […]

2009 16/04

It’s not Wednesday

but I’m still weighing in. I weighed myself again yesterday and I’m down to 142.5. That is 3.5 pounds down from last week. YAY!! I tend to get excited about every pound here. I am going to flip when I see that scale read in the 130s. And, even more exciting in my book, I […]

2009 10/04

Some Days

Some days are harder than others. Some days are really easy. Some days it takes all I have to not lose it. Some days I wonder where I went wrong.
Some days I don’t want to be a mom. I want to be drifting my way across Europe. Soaking in the essence of the French and […]

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