2009 09/04

Facebook: It’s like being at my wedding, again.

Ah, Facebook. Have you joined that social network yet? I did, quite a while ago now. Mostly I did it as a way to locate some of my long lost classmates for our class reunion a few years ago. That’s pretty much why I joined most of the social network rings. Facebook is the only one that I’ve stuck with, after the reunion was behind me, and I did so because it was the only one that I could remotely tolerate.

But Facebook is not without it’s issues. Sometimes I get tired of people requesting I do these quizzes or join some sort of cause (don’t get me wrong, I know there are a lot of good causes out there). But I know it’s all part of the gig. And I’m ok with it because I do enjoy seeing pictures of people’s families and vacations. I’m genuinely interested in what people are up to. It makes me feel connected. But it also freaks me out!!!

When I was getting stuff ready for our wedding, years and years ago, I remember the feeling that came over me as we drafted our guest list. Sheer terror! As I wrote names down on a piece of paper it all became too real that, for a few long hours, people from all walks of my life would be gathered in one small space. Terror.

It’s no secret that I was a different person in high school that I was in college. A different person in college that I was in the work world. Did I really want my college friends interacting with my co-workers? Sharing stories? Did I really want my great Aunt Millie hearing about my less-than-angelic high school days? What would my boss’ wife see? What would Tim’s family hear? TERRIFYING!

And that is how I feel about Facebook. People from all different pieces of my life, people who all know me differently, are coming together in this one small venue of Facebook. Sharing pictures from high school. Telling stories on my wall from college. Terrifying. Maybe I should have been a little more selective about who I “friended”, but I wasn’t. I’m not. My “friends” range from my mother-in-law to old college roommates, past love interests to clients. All seeing me through other’s eyes, and yet still wearing their own lenses.

Ok, so has anything terrifying happen to me on the Facebook front? No, not really. But it doesn’t mean the anxiety isn’t still there.

The other interesting thing about Facebook is the actual friend requesting. When someone friend requests you you have the choice on whether or not to accept their request. If you ignore them, then they can’t access your info, see your pictures, etc. Honestly, I’ve only ignored two friend requests. The first was a kid I used to work with when I was doing some mentoring. She was one that I was glad to leave behind when I left that job so I really didn’t want to connect with her again. The other was a guy Tim used to work with who I had met only once.

However, I have friend requested people and they ignored me. How do I know? Well, it’s not too hard to figure out. I’m curious though as to why they ignored my request. Do they have some bad memory or me? Still harboring ill feelings towards me? More importantly though, why do I care?

Are you on Facebook? If not, what made you decide to not join? If you are, how do you feel about the whole thing? Are you a Facebook junkie? Facebook stalker? Or do you still keep your distance?

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