2009 16/04

It’s not Wednesday

but I’m still weighing in.

I weighed myself again yesterday and I’m down to 142.5. That is 3.5 pounds down from last week. YAY!! I tend to get excited about every pound here. I am going to flip when I see that scale read in the 130s. And, even more exciting in my book, I actually put on a size 8 jean today. I’m not sure when I last saw jeans in the single digits. Double YAY! Oh, and I can even breath while wearing them!

I was trying to figure out the other day what it was that was actually helping me lose weight. I’m not really exercising that much right now, but I should be! I think it has more to do with the fact that I’m curbing my appetite. I no longer eat if I’m not hungry. I don’t care what the clock says. Just because it is noon and the girls are eating doesn’t mean that I need to eat too. And I’ve cut way down on the soda intake. Not that I really drake that much soda to begin with.

I think the biggest thing is the sweets. I’ve seemed to get my sweets cravings under control recently. Before I couldn’t handle it if there were cookies or candy in the house. If it was here I would eat it. But now it just doesn’t bother me.

I’m hoping to get my butt exercising again soon. The weather seems to actually staying nice so I’m thinking that we’ll be able to get outside more. The other day we went for a hike as a family and it was awesome. I love hiking. I’m hoping we take advantage of that more this spring. If we can afford it we might even pick up some bikes and a tow-cart for the girls.

I’m feeling good about this. I can do this.

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