2009 10/04

Some Days

Some days are harder than others.

Some days are really easy.

Some days it takes all I have to not lose it.

Some days I wonder where I went wrong.

Some days I don’t want to be a mom. I want to be drifting my way across Europe. Soaking in the essence of the French and Italian countryside.

Some days I want nothing more than to be enveloped in the contagious laughter of my little girls.

Some days I want to be alone.

Some days I want to snuggle into my husband’s chest and hide from the world.

Some days I’m brave.

Some days I’m not.

Some days my heart and soul feel empty.

Some days my heart feels as though it will burst into a thousand pieces because it is so full.

Some days my head is so clear it as though I can see a million miles into the past and into the future.

Some days I am content. I am satisfied.

Some days I long for something more. Anything more.

Some days I feel like a little girl, unsure of all that is around me.

Some days I lose my footing.

Some days I could leap buildings. Climb mountains. Do the impossible.

Some days I want to drive. Drive fast. With no where in particular to go. I want to just feel the speed. Feel the wind.

Some days I want silence.

Some days I want the music so loud that I hear nothing else, not even my own thoughts.

Some days I like who I am.

Some days I don’t.

Some days I want to run. Run to something. Run from something. Run.

Some days I am a terrible mom.

Some days I am a terrible wife.

Some days are just terrible.

Some days are so wonderful that I want to memorize every moment, every smile.

Some days….

Some days are just some days.

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