2009 19/04

We’re having a boy!

For all of you who just got suckered in by this post title, my apologies! No, I’m not pregnant! We’re getting a puppy!!!!

We finally found a breeder that isn’t a 3+ hour drive away from us. I contacted her and she had two males (my husband is feeling a bit out numbered in our female dominant house) left. We arranged to go see the puppies this weekend and, well, we fell in love. Not that we would have anticipated anything less.

I left the decision up to my husband as to which puppy we would get. One is a little bigger and darker in color. The other is smaller and a tad lighter. While we were there the bigger darker one was very calm and even fell asleep at my feet (insert “awwww” here). The smaller one was a bit more…er, playful. Knowing that their demeanors could have been completely opposite had we come an hour later, we did not let that sway our decision. We chose the smaller of the two.

He is only 4 weeks old so it will be a few more weeks before we bring him home. Of course we are bummed that it will be a few weeks because we are excited to bring him home but I’m actually relieved that I have a few weeks to prepare my house (and self) for a puppy. Thankfully our dear friends (hello Folletts!) have lent us their old kennel and some super cute food & water dishes. And today we bought him his first collar and leash and Abbi bought him his first chew toy!

Oh, so how did the girls react when we saw the puppies? Well, Zoe stayed in the car most of the time because she was tired and cranky and I didn’t think it would be fair to unleash her on those poor little puppies. Abbi actually surprised me. She liked the puppies. Out of our two girls, she is the one that I am anticipating will be the most indifferent towards the puppy. Hopefully she will grow to love him.

And the name????? Jasper!

Screen shot 2009-09-22 at 3.20.59 PM

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